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  • Complete Organization has brought such calm to my life! Jenny has done my pantry, my children’s playroom, and my home office along with my personal briefcase/desk organization. She created a system on my desk for keeping different organizations I work and volunteer with, straight! All of this easily transferred to my briefcase bag so I looked, and actually was, prepared for meetings. Not only did she come tidy up and clean out my over-creative clutter, but she left me with instructions and a guide I can easily follow and remember. I am forever thankful for her work and my husband, business, and family are too.    Hannah, Lafayette, LA

  • My husband and I have moved many many times and Jenny helped us finally get our closet organized. We are so pleased with the results. No more clutter or unnecessary items ... just a clean and orderly space where we love getting ready in the morning. She’s a joy to work with and very efficient!     Laura, Lafayette, LA

  • Jenny is amazing! I have been so happy with how my house functions ever since she helped me declutter and organize. Can’t wait for more sessions in the future!  Marietta, Lafayette, LA 

  • Jenny helped me organize my kitchen pantry. I can honestly say that I now enjoy walking into my pantry. I feel that I can now plan meals effectively, chose snacks for my family wisely, and even plan grocery store trips in a shorter amount of time because of her service! Thank you so much, Complete Organization. I can’t wait until you come back to help with the garage organization.    Stephanie, Youngsville, LA

  • Working with Jenny was such a pleasure -- she is very professional yet very down home and makes you feel like every problem is solvable.  Her ideas were very creative and she was very sensitive to keeping the costs low for any items that needed to be purchased.  Also, she did a great job of recommending things so that I didn't feel overwhelmed by all of the choices at the Container Store.  She truly paid attention to my specific situation and put significant thought into how to solve my "problem areas".  Her calm demeanor also helped to make the process smooth and stress free.  At the same time, she did a great job of making sure the process kept moving at a good pace - my entire apartment was completely organized within a few sessions with Jenny.  And, the most important thing is that all of the solutions we put in place have been very easy to sustain - it has been 4 months since Jenny finished and my apartment is just as organized as the day she finished - even my husband had to confess that Jenny's efforts have made a huge difference for all of us.   Nicole, New York, NY


  • Complete Organization is a service everyone should try!  In New York City, one of your most valuable assets is space; and although I consider myself a highly organized person, Jenny really worked miracles with my closets, pantries, and cabinets.  She gave me great tips and created a shopping list for me, complete with measurements and sizes of containers to maximize my space.  Jenny is extremely professional, yet really likable; her suggestions and feedback made me very comfortable and opened my eyes to the possibility of new organizational approaches.
    Michelle, New York, NY     


  • Just wanted to thank you for giving me my sanity back. You took a completely stressful situation (finding and creating a work space/ storage space in a tiny Manhattan studio) and made it work.  I could not have taken this new position without you and you are a miracle worker! I don't know how you do it but you do. Thank you.     Ellen, New York, NY


  • "Jenny is a goldmine.  She has incredible organizing skills and knowledge, the ability to do what's needed even on days I didn't have time to tell her, is reliable, very comfortable to be around, multi-talented.  Also, she is so efficient and resourceful.  She is an angel and anyone would be very fortunate to have her help and talents.  If Oprah knew about her, she'd hire her.  You name it she did it - from organizing hundreds of photos to installing an organized Sony cd system. Jenny helped me organize and declutter/edit my belongings in a way that was so encouraging, yet focused and firm and I never felt intimidated or pressured.  A to Z, she helped me clear out clutter, organize what I kept, take items to donation centers, do personal errands, set up a filing system, paid my bills and went through my mail, cleaned out many closets and organize them for me and my children, set up electronics, bought organizing supplies for my many different projects, set up my computer and taught me valuable organizing tips for using my computer.  Again, I could go on and on...     Alison, Houston, TX


  • "You would be doing yourself a huge favor to hire Jenny Gautreaux.  She is so professional, creative, kind, and caring.  When she and I were working together on my enormous mess, she helped me design a system that would work for me and showed such sensitivity to my husband's and my unique issues.  She is a self starter and very impressive.  She helped me organize my office at work and my entire house.  I have worked with many professional organizers over the years, and I have yet to find anyone who even comes close to her.  I've been spoiled by working with Jenny--the best!"     Renee, Houston, TX


  • "Complete Organization organized my home from top to bottom, even the garage.  Now that it is complete, we are all amazed how easy it is to find what we need.  It has even helped us streamline our morning routine.  Once your home is organized, you will see how easy it is to keep up with, you'll never want to return to a cluttered home."     Meredyth, Houston, TX


  • "Complete Organization knows all the 'rules' of organization and helps and supports you in applying them.  I like that Jenny sits down and talks with you about your personal needs and how you use your space and belongings.  Complete Organization also works with what you've got. Jenny only recommends that you buy storage units if you need them."     Darlene, Houston, TX"


  • I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, for doing such a wonderful job with my closet.  It feels like Christmas all over to us! The girls and I keep looking into our New closet.  They are so anxious to do crafts or just get in and explore.  I'm just awed over the Organization and cleanliness...I'm breathing a little more easier now.  Thank you for everything.  Now I can't wait for you to come back!!!!"     Angela, Friendswood, TX


  • "An Organizer can be a big emotional support in helping you streamline your belongings.  What' s great is that they will take the items you no longer need and donate them to charitable organizations where they will be put to good use.  I think that's why so many people don't get rid of their clutter.  They don't like the idea of just throwing it away.  An Organizer makes sure that someone else (besides you) benefits from your organizing.  I really loved the whole experience."   Janet, Kingwood, TX


  • "The closet is TOTALLY AWESOME!  As always....BRAVO!!! Your doing such a great job in our home, I'm very pleased with your dedication and hard work.     Ashley, Houston, TX


  • "A patient of mine told me about your services and how it had helped her get out from under the clutter that had accumulated during her protracted depression.  Since that time, I have recommended you to a number of my patients and every one of them found that you had a powerful impact on their lives.  Your assistance went beyond the practical matters and resulted in their feeling unburdened, clearer, and able to make more positive changes in their lives.  Many of them reported to me that you became a friend."     Karen Horst, M.D., Psychiatrist, Houston, TX


  • "I can not thank you enough for helping me.  You helped me organize my house and taught me invaluable tips of how to keep it organized.  You helped me turn my disorganized house into a home."     Tiffani, Houston, TX


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